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Michael Preen-Bassist


Mike Preen is a New York City based bass player.  Originally from New Orleans, he lives in Jersey City.  Mike is a versatile bassist, switching effortlessly from upright to electric and fretless basses.  Covering any type of musical genre.  

His musical inspiration came from his father, Brian Preen Sr., New Orleans drummer and bandleader of the Crescent City Big Band.  Mike learned to sight read music while playing with this band.  He also played with his brothers James(guitar) and Andrew(drums) honing his skills in power trio rock, funk & blues.  The music of New Orleans is rich and rhythmic based.  Growing up in such an environment is invaluable to a rhythm section player. 

After working on cruise ships as a musician, Mike moved to The Big Apple.  These two experiences opened up a new, all encompassing genre to explore, musical theater.  Aware that he needed to grow as a musician, Mike decided to finish his bachelors degree and pursue a masters in Jazz Performance at NJCU.  While there, he had the opportunity to study with some of the best musicians in New York City.  

Mike has toured throughout the United States and Canada with multiple national broadway tours including most recently both national tours of The Book Of Mormon.  He has had Jazz residencies at two restaurants with The Mike Preen Trio/Quartet.  He is currently subbing on several broadway shows.  He plays with several bands including two with former contestants from The Voice. 


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